So often a beautiful renovation is topped off with junk art.

Here are three reasons why:

  • ‘Top- selling’ is often a reason NOT to buy art.
  • Online retail has diluted the art market with a tsunami of junk
  • Copyists, amateurs and fakes are rife in art sales

I have been in the art world for decades. Finding quality art is more difficult now than ever. It is submerged in a flood of junk.

It has never been easier to sell bad art. Online retail favours volume of sales and great art has always been scarce. ‘Top selling’ is usually a reason NOT to buy.

Searching online is hard work. We have written down some tools to help. With these you can browse on line with some discernment and sort out the aspiring amateurs, copyists, fakers and professional contemporary artists. Get your guide to Finding Great Art below.

Unique, quality art is available, and it won’t break the bank. We know where to find it. Great art, like great architecture, silently, steadily enriches your life over the long term. Do you have time to do the research? The tsunami of online junk art would swamp almost anyone.

Art is long. Life is short. Don’t compromise on this one. It will be around a lot longer than your sofa. 

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Alexandra Sasse is a well known Melbourne artist with over 25 years industry experience, a wide exhibition history and published art criticism. View her paintings, read her blog, or check her C.V.

We select the best in contemporary painting and printmaking, so you can choose from quality work. We are not a warehouse. We do the homework for you. You can see our latest exhibition and browse our artists online. Or pop in and enjoy our gallery. Tues, Weds, Sat 11-4pm.

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Don't-buy-junk Ebook by Alexandra Sasse

Great art nurtures us, connects us to the best version of ourselves and tells future generations who we were.

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