Finding great art is getting harder not easier

Picasso and Degas for under $3,000?

Monet for under $10,000?  I got these numbers from a quick browse of one of the major online art sales platforms. They are fakes, of course. The online space is chock full of junk art, fakes and hyperventilating sales pitches. It’s a mad, mad world out there. And it’s getting murkier by the day with COVID-19 fuelling demand for art and homewares. 

Finding great art is getting harder, not easier. We all want value for money but in the art world and especially online, this can be hard to find. Online sites equate high volume sales to high quality art. This is nonsense. MacDonald’s sells more meals than Kakazuki. Aspiring amateurs, copyists, fakers, professional contemporary artists, and the household names of deceased famous artists – all these are clamoring for your attention.

What are the right questions to ask? And who can you trust? How can you know the value of what you are looking at?

There are answers to these questions and I will give them to you. You don’t need a PhD in Fine Art to play this game.

I know the territory and all the players.  I have exhibited widely as an artist, and I direct a gallery based in Kew, Victoria. I studied painting at VCA and Monash Uni. I also write art criticism.

I hate to see people wasting their money and their love on junk art. You can own quality art at a price you can afford.

 Why am I publishing this information?

Because art is important and people need it. I want to equip you to be able to take this information and confidently walk into any gallery, or look at any online platform and choose confidently.

With the tools I’m going to give you, you can do this.

 Isn’t this just self interest? Sure I would love you to visit my gallery, but I don’t need smoke and mirrors to sell art. I can tell you exactly what it is and why it has value. Also, my gallery focuses on the best in contemporary painting and printmaking.  Maybe you prefer video art. This guide will help you no matter what sort of art you like.

There are answers and this guide will give them to you.

This guide will take you through

  • How to avoid junk
  • How to find the good stuff
  • How to assess value for your money whether on line or in a bricks and mortar space.

Great art nurtures us, connects us to the best version of ourselves and tells future generations who we were.

Alexandra Sasse

If you want to check out who I am and what I am about first – here are some links to the rest of my website. Or if you are ready to read on, fill in your details to claim your copy of Don’t Buy Junk: An Insider’s Guide To Finding Great Art

Wherever you go from here, I hope you find great art that makes your everyday a bit more wonderful.

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