Contemporary Australian Landscape Paintings

A selection of the Larger Works 


Australian Landscape Painting 'Clifton Hill From Studley Park' by Alexandra Sasse
Clifton Hill from Studley Park 2017


A Quiet Day in Northcote Australian Landscape Paintings Alexandra Sasse
‘A Quiet Day in Northcote ‘ 2016 Alexandra Sasse


Australian landscape painting by Alexandra Sasse of North Melbourne in the early morning
‘Early, North Melbourne’ 2017 Alexandra Sasse 78 x 98cm


Australian Landscape Painting 'Hawthorn towards Camberwell' Alexandra Sasse
‘Hawthorn Towards Camberwell’ Alexandra Sasse 66 x 86cm


Australian Landscape Painting 'Doncaster from Box Hill' Alexandra Sasse 46 x 81cm‘Doncaster from Box Hill’ Alexandra Sasse 46 x 81cm 


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