Sara Freeman

Available Works

Painting by Sara Freeman 'Deluge' 2022 Alexandra Sasse Gallery
'Deluge' Sara Freeman 2022, wax and egg tempera on board, 120 x 80 cm.

Sara Freeman grew up in Melbourne and studied classical music before deciding to focus on painting. She travelled through most of her twenties, spending years living and painting in Europe, Japan and India before moving to the NSW Far South Coast in 1995. After completing a BA of Visual Arts Honours in Print media and Drawing at the ANU School of Art and a BA in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Canberra she now lives and works in regional NSW.

Sara Freeman is a master of slow art – painstakingly slow to make with a gesso ground, wax and egg tempera and countless incisions – and requiring slow meditation for its viewing. Her Open Sky (2016) painting was made as a meditation after watching a friend die of cancer. She observes “There are approximately 26,000 lines incised in the wax, which is about how many breaths we breathe in a day, and also how many days we would live in a life of 71 years.” Her Emerging II (2016) is the most powerful of her 18 pieces in the show, profoundly moving, subtle and a wonderful meditative experience.

Sasha Grishin. Sydney Morning Herald.

Sara Freeman painting 'Open Sky'
'Open Sky' Sara Freeman 120 x 120cm
Painting by Sara Freeman 'Emerging II' 2016
'Emerging II' Sara Freeman 120 x 80cm

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