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Painting of the sea by Ian Parry. 'Untitled' 2023. 92 x 107cm

Ian Parry’s work is inseparable from the sea – his paintings come from a life immersed in  sailing, fishing and art. Navigation and composition meet in the realm of a liminal abstraction. Navigation tells us where we are, composition imagines where we might go. Parry lets us in on this tug-of-war with his shimmering layered canvases: like the sea, they are rarely still.

Parry’s exhibition history spans decades, his work has been extensively collected by major institutions including:
Art Gallery of Ballarat,
Australian National Gallery,
Burnie City Gallery, Tasmania
CDS Gallery New York City,
Geelong Regional Gallery,
Hobart Museum and Art Gallery,
Holmes á Court Collection WA,
ICI Collection,
John Elderfield Collection  New York,
John Walker Collection New York City,
La Trobe Valley Arts Centre Victoria,
Maatsuyker Collection 2009 – 2019  Hobart,
Macquarie Bank Ltd, Sydney,
National Gallery of Victoria,
Parliament House Canberra,
Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital Melbourne,
St Kilda City Collection,
The Crundwell Collection,
The Philips Collection Washington,
Washington Museum  USA,
Western Mining Collection 2004.

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