Nicholas Chadderton ‘Eksistentielle’

Photo by Nicholas Chadderton Umberllas Southbank, Melbourne 2020.

Nicholas Chadderton ‘Eksistentielle’. Featuring the iconic forms and fleeting light of the urban landscape of Melbourne, suggesting an existential angst beneath the surface of visual beauty.

John Leslie Art Prize 2022 Review

John Leslie Art Prize 2022 at Gippsland Art Gallery Sale, Victoria

What exactly are the key concerns of contemporary Australian landscape painting? And who wants to know? Alexandra Sasse takes you deeper into these latest landscapes in this review of the John Leslie Art Prize 2022.

Evan Salmon Exhibition 2022

Painting by Evan Salmon 'Car Carrier' 2014

Winner of the NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Award, Evan Salmon’s pared back compositions eloquently remind us that we live in the most extraordinary of worlds.