An Intimate Distance: conversations with artists during lockdown. 3 Hendrik Kolenberg

Studio Still life by Julianna Kolenberg

An Intimate Distance: conversations with artists during lockdown #3. Hendrik Kolenberg talks with Alexandra from his home and studio in Sydney. October 2021. What personal impact has the pandemic had on you? I don’t know anyone who has had COVID but my brother died about a month ago in Adelaide, of cancer. His eldest daughter, …

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Sasse and Dober Exhibition

Alexandra Sasse Gallery

‘Recent Landscapes’ brings together the paintings of two plein air artists; highlighting the distinction between looking and seeing. Interpreting experience into form these artists draw on the familiar world around us, creating new visions.

‘Afternoon Shadows’

This is a small Australian landscape painting in the Bowl at Falls creek. A related work of the same subject is Summit T-bar Fine Weather. This one is painted fast, as you can tell from the brushstrokes depicting the masses of snow gums which divide up the picture and create the form of the mountain. …

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Confused about Art?

cartoon about visiting art galleries

Are you confused about Art? Do you know what you like or where to find it? Is the work any good or is someone just trying to sell you something? And how are you expected to decipher those dense wall texts? Even Google translate is stumped.

Highly Commended, Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize 2016

Alexandra Sasse Highly Commended in arc Yinnar drawing prize 2016 Drawing of Hawthorn looking across to Richmond and Abbotsford from Swinburne University

“A sophisticated observational drawing of a kind not seen often nowadays. The work employed a minimal range of drawn marks to represent a grand view, full of space and depth, and subtly guiding the eye to move from focal point to focal point. A devoted attentiveness is beautifully maintained.” Judges John Wolseley and Geoffrey Dupree