Evan Salmon

Winner of the 2015 NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, Evan Salmon’s paintings reflect a practice of persistent looking. Motifs culled from the most ordinary of subjects¬† – a road, a truck factory, a hill – eloquently remind us that we live in the most extraordinary of worlds. This raw material of life is refined into pared back compositions alive with an urgency that arises from his plein air process. Salmon’s work is widely acclaimed and collected. Collections include the National Gallery of Australia, State Library of NSW,¬† University of Wollongong, NSW Parliament among many others.

Past Exhibitions: Evan Salmon May 2022 РOpened by Lewis Miller, artist, Archibald winner and official war artist to the Iraq conflict. 

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Evan Salmon C.V.

Breaking News: Evan Salmon named in Top 100 hottest collectable artists 2022.