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March 6th-27th

Mark Dober . Alexandra Sasse Recent Landscapes

Exhibition hours: Tues, Weds, Saturday 11-4pm.
4 Selbourne Rd Kew. Or by appointment 98152447

Painting by Alexandra Sasse of Early Morning Newell's Paddock with swans
Early morning, Newell’s Paddock with swans, Footscray. 2020. Alexandra Sasse
Thames landscape (Cow Parsley) Mark Dober
Thames landscape (Cow Parsley) Mark Dober
Mark Dober drawing at Nuggety Hills, Victoria
Mark Dober drawing at Nuggety Hills, Victoria
Wildflowers (Nuggetty Hills) by Mark Dobe
Wildflowers (Nuggetty Hills) Mark Dober
Alexandra Sasse painting from a rooftop in Melbourne
Alexandra Sasse painting from her rooftop during lockdown

Exhibition statement – Alexandra Sasse

Melbourne in particular is my playground because I feel it has grown up with me, and it continues to change so rapidly. I grew up in the (then) outer suburb of Templestowe.

It was a tangle of orchards mixed with the rubble of new housing. The landscape of the Heidelberg school was all around me, but seared with new asphalt and industry. I hated to see it converted to suburbia.

Reading Robin Boyd’s The Australian Ugliness many years later, he voiced my childhood anguish in a much more sophisticated way. But somehow those triple fronted brick veneers and pseudo-Greek mansions got under my skin. I find compositions now in the suburban architectural clutter of a rapidly changing city.

Landscape painting is a way of making sense of how we connect our lives to our places.

Exhibition statement – Mark Dober

These works on paper were made at two locations worlds apart.

The full sheet sized works – in watercolour and mixed media – were made at the summit of the Nuggetty Hills near Maldon in central Victoria. I have been making the car trip to this place from Castlemaine, where I live, to make drawings and paintings on paper since my wife and I moved up from Melbourne five years ago. The site offers much in the way of subjects: boulders piled on top of each other – remnants of eons of erosion – spindly and twisted trees both dead and alive, weedy plants and Spring wildflowers, sweeping views of the surrounding countryside, and big skies.

While I enjoy being in nature – its tranquillity and beauty, and the sense of refuge from the white noise of everyday life that it provides – I can also feel a strangeness about this landscape.  My sense of belonging is complicated by feelings of otherness. After all, nature is not a world of our making. I have sought to express this tension of opposites in these works.

The half sheet works in gouache were made last year in southwest London, at the Thames Path, a short walk from Kew Gardens. Here we were staying at a rented apartment for several weeks in Summer, making for a great opportunity to make works at various times of day and in various weather conditions. Enjoyment of the verdant beauty and tranquillity of this place is evident in these works.  This selection of work is the latest manifestation of painting and drawing made at the Thames over several UK visits extending back as far as the mid 1970s.

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Future Exhibitions

April 1st - April 24th

Hendrik Kolenberg

Unknown areas or streets present as many things of interest as those that are familiar – thought it is light, ever varying according to the season, time of day or year – that is the essential ingredient to the pleasure of looking. Noticing something – an arrangement or relationship of parts as highlighted or intensified by a particular play of light or contrast of light, darkness and shape – is what I find most stirring and memorable… The particularity of place or architecture has rarely been my concern, yet something of the intangible individual character of each city in which I have lived, can inadvertently be captured.  Hendrik Kolenberg

May 13th - June 5th

Drawing Group Exhibition

Elizabeth Cross, Evan Salmon, Sallie Moffat, , John Scurry, Alexandra Sasse, Hendrik Kolenberg, Rachel Ellis.

Evensong Rachel Ellis2011 charcoal on paper 113 x 100cm Collection Art Gallery of NSW
Rachel Ellis 'Evensong' Collection of AGNSW

Past Exhibitions

December 2020

Christmas Group Exhibition

John Scurry, Linda Gibbs, Dianne Emery,  Hendrik Kolenberg, Helen Mueller, Mark Dober, Alexandra Sasse