‘Good Cover, Falls Creek’ 2016

'Good Cover - Falls Creek' Alexandra Sasse. Oil on canvas 2016 . 15.5 x 40cm
‘Good Cover – Falls Creek’ Alexandra Sasse. Oil on canvas 2016 . 15.5 x 40cm
  Good Cover, Falls Creek was painted in the Bowl near the base of the Summit T bar in 2016. Although it was early in the season there had been very good falls the past couple of days followed by some brilliant sunshine. Despite my warmest ski gear, I can’t stay out for long so it’s essential to plan carefully. The day before I did this painting I spent some time wandering about making drawings to find a workable composition. I chose one of these drawings to sketch onto canvas back at the lodge before I came out. This method means I can fully concentrate on the essential elements that make up the brilliant whites and deep sky in this painting.  Here is the drawing that was done in preparation.  
Drawing for "Good Cover, Falls Creek' 2016
Drawing for “Good Cover, Falls Creek’ 2016
This picture (below) was taken by a passing snowboarder who also is a photographer – he clearly knows a few things about composition – see that perfect diagonal running from my figure up to the two clumps of trees and on to the horizon. I would like to credit him but I only know him as Tim. The wooden box you can see in the top image has slots to hold the painting board and the palette in place, to get them both safely back to the lodge without a smudging disaster. A lot could go wrong, but nothing did this time!
Image of Alexandra Sasse painting in the snow at Falls Creek
Alexandra Sasse painting at Falls Creek. 2016