Exhibition Highlight: Mark Dober

Mark Dober depicts his experience of the landscape through a rhythmical compression of form and intense colour. Dober works onsite in specific areas of Victoria which take his interest. Currently he is absorbed by an old goldmining area close to Castlemaine. These five oil on canvas works, framed in light timber shadow box frames, are a reduction of the observed world to an intricate network of painterly brushstrokes.  Dober works in both watercolour and oil; in each seeking to translate experience into mark, a direct response informed by a profound depth of knowledge of painting. His palette tends to a purity of hue, resulting in a Matisse-like creation of light, rather than a depiction of it. Dober’s work is extensively collected by major institutions including the National Gallery of Australia, The Australian Council of Trade Unions and the National Bank of Australia and many others. We will be showing an exhibition of his richly worked watercolours here, early in the new year.

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