Exhibition highlight: Linda Gibbs ‘Untitled’ (waterfall)

Linda Gibbs ephemeral haunting Untitled (waterfall) is the largest work in this exhibition (Christmas Group exhibition 2020). Mounted high on a wall, and almost 2 metres in height, it hovers above the viewer, shimmering and draws the eye down the full length of the canvas to the depths of the pool below the cascade. Working from South Gippsland, the melancholic depths of Australian bush is what drives her work. Unpopulated, often mist filled, forms are more often hinted than described, in works that contain more land mass than sky. She describes this distilled work as a ‘whisper of experience’. These landscapes sit somewhere between observation and memory, conjuring a mood as much as a place. Gibbs was recently awarded the 2020 John Leslie Landscape Award, Best Gippsland work. She exhibits extensively in selected exhibitions across Australia.

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