The Landscape of Life: Podcasts from the John Leslie Art Prize

Although the starting point for this new series of podcasts is the John Leslie Art Prize, these stories are about the landscape of life.

Untitled John Leslie 112 x 168 Linda Gibbs
'Untitled' by Linda Gibbs. Winner best Gippsland Work John Leslie Art Prize 2020

A tragedy, a place, an experience are all places of beginning. But it is the startling singularity of purpose that is the real destination.

Don’t we all know the siren song of inertia and self-doubt? And what about when the bills are unpaid, the dog is barking or the baby still cries – making things must often be put off.

These artists have all pushed against that. Not just once or twice, but long enough to make some sort of life out of doing so. Their stories are highly individual. I found them fascinating. Art is so integral to life that not making it is a form of pain.

These stories become then, not so much about the paintings in the John Leslie, as about the landscape of life. You’ll find the podcasts here. Yes, I am included, but don’t miss winner’s Linda Gibbs and Sarah Tomasetti in Season 4 Episode 1.

All the paintings on line here.

My work selected for this exhibition will be shown at our Gala Opening.

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