Surreal Worlds – John Leslie Landscape Prize

 Published in Trouble Magazine November 2016


John Leslie Landscape Prize See Jane Run by Kim Wilson

This landscape painting prize, based in Sale, is one of those generous moments when a local benefactor makes a significant contribution to the nation’s cultural life. Art awards are like that. For a relatively small sum of money (especially compared to sponsoring sport) an exhibition can be established that generates national interest and ensures that serious contemporary work reaches the regions. Such is the foundation of this present show of 49 works selected from 426 entries. This is considerable bang for your buck.

This is an exhibition with vertiginous highs and repellent lows. Predominantly the work is largish and surreal.  Colour has mostly escaped any sense of communicating place or mood and is garish even random. Landscape is realised as political trope, as apocalyptic, as memory, dream, and experience, but…

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John Leslie Art Prize, 3rd September – 20 November 2016, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale

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